Starting to feel like a native

Laurel and the gang have been spending a lot more time in Arcadia lately. It is a strange feeling to transition from being a designer of a world to being its inhabitant. I really like the place, it is much easier to navigate than in the early days of Blue Mars…or maybe I’m just getting much better at it.

VSE is finishing up with the user interfaces for the collaboration tools and we are going to start laying them onto the analysis tables and post them on the walls. We are also busy preparing artwork that help fleshes out the storyline. We need lots of resources that guide people in the right direction without giving too much away at once – tricky balance.

The more time we spend in Arcadia, though, the more I can imagine lots of people hanging out there and the more I see real science knowledge building happening in there…can’t wait!

Early May – it all begins….


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