Arcadia in Denver at AERA

Fischer and I are attending the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting in Denver, CO this week. It’s a huge conference, addressing educational research in many fields… including learning in virtual worlds.

ARVEL SIG (Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning Special Interest Group) is running a whole series of events, from “Lessons Learned About the Design of Immersive Virtual Worlds” to “The Intersect of Virtual and Real-World Learning” to “Using Virtual Worlds and Games in K-12” to “Transformative Play: Games as 21st Century Curriculum” and more. With such speakers as Chris Dede, James Gee, Eric Klopfer, and …

Themes are emerging related to (1) the power and limitations of comparing virtual worlds/gaming to more traditional classroom practices, (2) the importance of the context that a virtual environment provides, (3) concerns about and potential for getting people outside to explore the real world, and more to be reported later.

Very interesting, with a lot of ideas for EdGE to pursue and many areas where we can contribute.



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