Martian Boneyards: So close….

The “final” build was uploaded last weekend, but a major data tracking bug has had to delay the launch of the game. Martian Boneyards is a prototype game developed under funds from the US National Science Foundation. We are funded to develop and study the effect of the game on science enjoyment and learning. Each player in the game is required to consent to being part of the study (all data remains completely anonymous) so that we can understand what type of people play the game, who advances in the game, what they learn, and how it impacts their attitudes towards science. All reports from the research will be publicly available on the EdGE wiki so that everyone can learn what we find out.

So…all this to say, we have to wait for the data collection to work before we can launch. But the team thinks they have fixed it now and we got to slide another few game elements into the next build…so get ready, we are getting very close to unveiling the boneyards–and the mysteries that lie below….


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