workstations up and running …for some

The workstations in the Arcadian science center are online again! They allow players to sort their scanned artifacts in a variety of different groupings and tag them accordingly. They also allow measurement of length (in any direction). They are still not working for some versions of windows – might be those pesky rats chewing at the wires again. We’ve got the team working on it 24/7.

Some players are thinking those measurements might come in very handy in trying to figure out where these bones came from. Some say that the length to width ratio of bones can tell us if they are human or non-human. Lots of questions bubbling up from those discussions.

We’ve also posted some information on the screens in each of the rooms. There is a video in the foyer (where players arrive in Arcadia) that gives an overview of how we found the science center. There is set of drawings and notes we found in old notebooks in the basement that we’ve posted in the sorting room. And we are collecting a list of questions we need players to solve – that is in the theory room (where players teleport to the boneyards).

We had some posters of skeletons and the like we found around the building – and one got vandalized already! “Where’s Rusty Tropez” written right across it in spray paint.

What’s with that??

Come find out. We will be in there most afternoons and early evenings (EDT) and have regular meetings on tuesday and thursday at 5EDT. If these times don’t work for you and you want to schedule something else send us a note on fb or comment here.



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