Players meet Scully…Scully meet players.

The new cave area has several telling details of what may have happened in the boneyards. A group of players have found a full skeleton lying just under the steep cliff in the cave – well almost full – no legs or arms. They’ve dubbed it “scully” and are trying to figure out if it is a male or female – they are pretty certain scully is human. There are a few other artifacts in the area – a gun, a dart, and a shoe….hmmmmmm.

Meanwhile there has been an announcement from the Inter-Planetary Council of Humanity and Society. They have three reports of research scientists going missing on planets within the Inter-planetary league. They are giving an award for any institution who provides the best evidenced based theory on why the scientists are going missing. Arcadia unite – BLU and Arcadia swag available to those who provide evidence that leads to a winning theory!!


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