Presentation of Arcadia Research at AERA 2011

EdGE researchers Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Teon Edwards, and Jamie Larsen will be presenting a research paper entitled, “Collaborative Scientific Inquiry in Arcadia: An MMO gaming environment on Blue Mars” at the AERA Annual Meeting in New Orleans in April 2011. Joining them will be collaborators/co-presenters Elizabeth Rowe and Lis Sylvan of TERC, and Jim Hewitt of the Ontario Institute of Studies of Education (OISE) at the U. of Toronto.

The paper will report on research study conducted in the Blue Mars city of Arcadia in the summer of 2010, when educational designers launched and studied the prototype game, Martian Boneyards over the course of three months. The study documents the game design and implementations strategies that support scientific inquiry in Arcadia and describes the experiences for players of Martian Boneyards.
This study also describes:
· The nature of the player community attracted to Martian Boneyards
· The extent and quality of scientific inquiry occurring in the community
· The nature of design features used, and recognized by players, to support collaborative scientific inquiry in the game
· The nature of facilitation, staging of the game release, and other implementation strategies designers used to foster collaborative scientific inquiry.

Stay tuned for presentation date and time, to be announced in early 2011!


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