What Happened to Canaries?

I hate to say the Canary died…but it has gone into hibernation. We tried to push what we might do with an alternate reality game, and try to use citizen science resources in a social mystery game – we didn’t get the mix right. We couldn’t provide the social presence we needed to get the crowdsourcing going. That is not to say it can’t be done – but we didn’t have the right mix of tools to do it.

So we are back at the drawing board, fortunately we have lots of crayons. We have funding to crack a big question – what can assessment of high school content look like in free-choice gaming elements?. And how do those elements fit into a larger free-choice inquiry gaming environment? So we are putting all our attention to that quest now (and an epic one it is!)

For those of you who liked what you saw in Canaries…stay tuned…it will be back. Perhaps reincarnated as a (shhhh…) classroom curriculum.


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