Words of Meaning with Friends

Part of my job is play games that are trending and understand what it is that is resonating with people. Tough job, I know. I’ve played dozens (maybe hundreds) of  apps by now, many mainstream games, but for some reason I resisted Words with Friends.

I tried to start playing about a month ago with a few of my “younger” Facebook friends. Not much response. But then I started a game with a new friend on Facebook. She is the mother of a very close childhood friend who died in a car accident at the age of 22. We had exchanged a couple of short messages, but what to say on a social media site? I haven’t seen her since her daughter was alive and we had our lives ahead of us. So, I started by placing a word on a board.

For the past few weeks, I have been playing WwF nearly every day, some days in real time with this “friend” I hold dear in my heart. The simple act of playing together has opened a door and will make it almost easy when I visit her. And because of how this connection made me feel, I will make sure that visit happens.

Coincidentally, another childhood friend – who is the one who re-connected me to my WwF friend – has also started a game with me. With her the game has a completely different tone. This friend is in the dumps because her adult son is having troubles and sending her through the wringer. There is nothing I can do to help her situation besides lend her support. Support through a game. I use the game for humor, choosing words for their innuendoes rather than points. Another way to cheer a friend.  My experience has led me to wonder… how many other folks out there have had similar experiences? What is your story? I really need to know.

I’ve opened a WwF Pandora’s box. If only my 92 year old Mom would use an IPad. Ah, but…she’d still beat me.


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