Working “together”


I am getting ready to go into a weekly design meeting with our team. I am looking over the emails that were flying around over the last few late nights to see what lessons should be drawn from recent bought of App store top featured games downloads. Bastion has a few people hooked because of its dynamic narrative and 3D-ish environment. Mouse Maze has arms and wrists hurting, and Flow kept more than one of us up way too late.

I head out to Google Docs to look at a proposal that is taking shape. I put an outline out there last week, and since then a few people have gone in and added their voice. It is now time for me to take that fodder and shape it into a coherent story.

I head over to Dropbox to see the new Flash files our game developer in the UK has already finished because he’s been up working for 4 hours by the time I get to my desk. He has gathered the artwork from Romania and the animation and coding from India that has debugged overnight (for me) and put it all together in an updated version of our prototype game. I drag the files into my browser and I am playing with glee…for the most part. I also make a list of changes and shoot them off to him an email.

I have two minutes left til the meeting starts so I head over to Skype to see who’s ready. There is a file that our researcher sent me with new codes for the data organization. I have just enough time to look it over and jot down a couple of questions before everyone has messaged in that they are ready, and we are on our call. Seven voices from all over the world come together on skype and get the job done.

Such is my workday. Such is my workplace. And I am not alone.


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